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We are looking for dedicated hardworking athletes who still have something in the tank.
After college it is a whole different world and opportunities to race for more than points. There are not enough good coaches or programs to help the many deserving people to develop fully . We can help train, motivate, and give you that chance you wouldn’t get elsewhere. We are centered in a great spot to train as the weather is mild, (only got 4 inches of snow last winter). Kansas City has a great economy, good jobs, low cost housing, food and fuel. We are on the southeast side of KC. Easy to get to dirt roads. Your best races are ahead of you. We want to give you that chance.

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We are starting a new Olympic 4 year cycle. We are sponsored by SKECHERS Performance Shoes, Epson Watches and a few others. Looking for people who will work hard, have some talent and will listen to...

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coachRob Mcleod
We are accepting applications for dedicated runners who we will train and fund.

  • Five-time DII All-American
  • Trained for two Olympic Trials
  • Coached six All-Americans in first year at Pitt State

Contact Rob:
Cell: 816-547-8709

Training-Run is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing post-collegiate and
Olympic hopeful distance runners.

Over 200 members and growing, We love our team.